Just to be honest I’m not one to be writing about myself, but here it goes. I was born Wendell Paul Altman Jr. on 11/29/1963 and I was born with a ball glove already on my hand as time went on my grandmother had me at church every Sunday and I came to know my Lord and savior. When I was 16 I tried out for the reds and at 17 for the pirates, by these times I was only rifle hunting for deer when I was 18 it was 1982 and I joined the Navy where I served from 82-85 when I got out I met my little brother’s friend from down the road who was into archery, back then I didn’t know the difference in bows so I started out with a recurve taking quick snapshots but it wasn’t for me until I had seen a compound and that was it I purchased my first bow it was a Bear Flare and the rest was history now I can’t get deer out of my brain.  Just to change the subject I have been married to the woman of my dreams for 22yrs now with 5 wonderful kids and 5 grandchildren and one on the way, my son who is from my first marriage will retire from the army in 3yrs and my youngest being 28.  My oldest granddaughter has asked me what advice I could give her and I told her what came to mind I told her that everyone should fail at least once in your life and to remember that family is the most important asset you can have and to have fun and live life to the fullest. Now back to my wife the past year has been a trying one we found out last year that she had breast cancer and she made a very difficult decision to have a double mastectomy and that we would both tackle this head-on grant her treatments are not completely over but the cancer is gone and with our church Calvary Baptist and our church family and their prayers the past year would have been a lot more difficult.  With all that being said I just want you all to know that I have a passion for bow hunting like no other person I know I just never have had the opportunities to do the big time deer hunting or even videoed my hunts but I can tell you I put my time in and do my homework and my passion continues to grow. “God is Not Dead”.

      ..     Thank you Paul Altman