About me:  I am a married man with 4 children.  I love being a family man and doing things with my family.  I also love the outdoors.  I love hunting, fishing, outdoor photography, camping, kayaking and pretty much anything outdoors.    

Hunting style:  Bowhunting (compound) is only way I hunt now.  Used to hunt with rifles and harvested a lot of nice animals back in the day but I prefer archery exclusively now.  My hunting style is spot and stalk.  I do not feel safe in a tree.  Lol.  My favorite way to hunt is to throw my backpack on, grab my bow and disappear in the backcountry for a few days.    

How was I introduced to archery?  My dad got me into archery at a young age.  I got my first compound bow when I was about 12 years old. 

What role does archery have in my life now?  I love to shoot 3D competitions.  I love to hunt with my bow.  I mostly hunt deer these days but have hunted elk as well.  I also practice shooting my bow in my back yard almost daily.    

I really enjoy spending time in the field with my family and friends doing 3D competitions.   I have met some great people and some good friends through archery.    

What hunts will I be doing this year?    I will be hunting whitetail bucks in Montana in September.       I will be hunting muley bucks in Utah in August & September. 

It is a pleasure being part of Bowhunter Syndicate Pro Staff.  I look forward to working with Jody and the rest of the staff. 

Jason Ruff