My name is Andy Palmer and I’ve been strictly a bowhunter for 46 years. I am retired and live in Northeast Utah.

I have shot competition matches for over 35 years. I’ve won the US Nationals in Redding, Ca twice back in the ’90s. I’ve been a certified archery instructor for 30 years.

I am currently a Prostaff shooter for Q2i Archery Products and for Top of Utah Archery in Logan, Ut. I serve on the executive board for Cache Archers out of Logan, Ut as the Youth Director.

My passion is western states hunting of elk and deer. I spend countless hours planning, scouting, and hunting these wide-open spaces. I do not consider myself a trophy hunter, I hunt for the adventure and the meat. We look forward to the hopeful harvest every year.

I am always more than willing to help a fellow bowhunter in any way I can. With game knowledge, wilderness knowledge, or shooting advice. I feel it’s up to us older archers to teach and inform the new ones before the sport withers from lack of support.

Remember your mind is a powerful tool in archery, aim small, hit small.